Tout Terrain Skane & Camden Pinion powered ebikes & more!

Tout Terrain Skane & Camden Pinion powered ebikes & more!

Tout Terrain has overhauled their ebike range with two all-new aluminum Skane trekking and Camden commuter ebikes designed to take your further. Combining powerful rear hub Neodrives motors with Pinion gearboxes, Gates belt-drives, large-capacity integrated batteries, and braking energy recuperation technology, the new Tout Terrain extend your worry-free range whether you are riding back and forth to work or on a weekend adventure.

Plus, Tout Terrain outfits a new light pedal-powered Tribeca commuter with a Pinion as well, or really any of their other expedition, touring, or gravel bikes too…

Tout Terrain Skane, Camden Pinion ebikes

The new Tout Terrain Skane & Camden are the German adventure bike builder’s first aluminum e-bikes, combining the best of their integrated adventure capability & easy maintenance with powerful pedal-assist, long ebike range & advanced tracking tech. And like every other Tout Terrain bike, these ebikes are fully customizable so you get exactly the build you need.

While Tout Terrain describes the very similar Skane & Camden as two different bikes with unique personalities, the base is the same and it’s up to you to make them your own with a thousand different possibilities.

Tout Terrain Skane & Camden Pinion-powered energy-recovery ebike

The core of both is a tough but light 6061 alloy frame made in Taiwan with either a horizontal toptube or step-though frame, a Pinion gearbox at its heart, and a no-nonsense Gate Carbon belt drive. The powertrain consists of a quiet made-in-Germany 250W, 40 Nm Neodrives rear hub motor, a removable 625Wh battery in the downtube, and an energy recovery management system that turns braking power back into stored energy to take you further. Tout Terrain’s claimed range is 120km of assist over generally flat terrain, but since braking recuperation can up to double range, even hilly riding is likely to deliver similarly long pedal-assist range.

The ebikes also feature built-in GPS tracking for anti-theft protection, integrated lighting, a central smart color display that manages all ebike functions, 35mm travel suspension forks, and 27.5″ wheels with up to 2.4″ tire clearance (2.25″ with fenders). They are available in three stock sizes (S-L) with complete ebike pricing from 6500€ for the urban Camden, or from 6700€ for the trekking Skane.

Pinion-powered Tribeca commuter & adventure bikes

Tout Terrain Xplore Pinion gearbox bikes

Tout Terrain may be rather new to ebikes, but they’ve really liked to build low-maintenance and adventure-ready commuter & trekking bikes since the beginning. Two of the biggest hallmark features there would be durable steel frames and Pinion gearboxes with Gates belt-drives.

Tout Terrain Tribeca Pinion gearbox urban commuter bike

On one side of the equation are commuter builds like this all-new 4290€ Tribeca urban commuter with an upright position, flat or drop bars, mixed-surface 700c tire clearance, full-coverage fenders with built-in rear rack, and integrated LED lighting.

Tout Terrain Blueridge Xplore Pinion gearbox expedition touring bike

Or there are also full-on expedition touring bikes with structurally-integrated racks like the Silkroad & Blueridge that get the Xplore Pinion gearbox treatment for their own loaded word tours.

Tout Terrain Vasco GT steel gravel bike

Tout Terrain Vasco GT steel gravel bike

They also build this customizable steel Vasco GT gravel bike too, for riders who are looking more to explore the local backroads closer to home. It’s still adventure & expedition-ready, but the Tout Terrain Vasco GT dials it back with a lighter, simpler frame and options for steel or carbon forks to create anything from an all-road to bikepacking configuration with complete bike prices from 2370€.

And of course, you can get it with a Pinion gearbox if you want to go that direction, too.

Tout Terrain trailers too!

Tour Terrain Singletrailer II Sport MTB kid trailer

They also make a couple of killer single-wheel, off-road-ready, air-suspended mountain bike trailers. There’s the simple 560€ Mule cargo trailer with a platform to stuff with gear, or this 1670€ Singletrailer II Sport for taking your kid along for the ride.

Or if you are Danny Macaskill, you can use it for a little Danny Daycare…

Danny Daycare pulling a Tout Terrain Singletrailer

And if you don’t remember Danny Daycare, or simply haven’t seen it in a few years… it’s worth a fresh rewatch! Clearly, these trailers are up for whatever kind of riding you can get up to…

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