shredly mtb short review

Shredly Women’s Mountain Bike Short Review

At Femme Cyclist, we’ve taken polls of our community several times on favorite mountain bike shorts. Shredly always comes out the winner.

shredly mtb short review

Why? It’s a woman-owned company that makes shorts that are fashion-forward, have high-quality construction, and that actually fit regardless of your size or shape.

If you haven’t tried a pair of Shredly shorts yet, you’re missing out. In this review, I share the different options they offer, including the traditional Shredly MTB Short, the Curvy short, 7″ short, and the long short.

shredly mountain bike shorts

Review In A Nutshell


  • 3 Length Options, 2 Waistband/Fit Options
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes (not S,M,L!!)
  • Cute prints and colors
  • Secure, zippered pocket


  • Fit may be a little too baggy for some
  • Don’t come with a chamois liner

Price: $98-$110

Shredly Video Review

Two Different Waistband/Fit Options

Shredly offers their mountain bike shorts in two different waistband/fit options. There is the original short which closes via zipper/snaps and the CURVY short which has a yoga-style waistband and a looser fit in the thighs.

When I first heard about the Shredly CURVY short, I just assumed it was made for “plus-sized” ladies, but that’s not the case at all. The CURVY comes in a wide variety of sizes from 2 to 20.

The CURVY simply uses a different type of waistband (a nice wide yoga pant style band), and a wider fit thru the hips and thighs. It works well for “curvy” women of any size (myself included) who struggle with finding shorts wide enough for their hips and bum, but narrow enough for their waist.

With the yoga band waist, you don’t have to worry about muffin-top, plumbers crack, or any fly-related disasters. In my opinion, all mountain bike shorts should be made with a yoga waistband!

Most women who mountain bike also have more muscular thighs, which is why I’ve never understood why most mountain bike shorts are cut more narrow. The CURVY isn’t cut excessively wide, but it does provide plenty of room for more muscular quads.

If you do have a straighter, narrower body, or if you simply prefer a traditional zippered waist closure, then the original Shredly shorts will work well for you. This waist closes via (very fashionable) snaps, a zipper, and internal waist adjustment. You can cinch up the waist (or let it out) via buttons and stretchy nylon. If you have kids, this is a lot like the waist adjusters in kids pants.

Short Or Long: Pick Your Poison

Both the CURVY and original shorts are offered in a traditional mid-length, short length, and a LONG version. The regular short falls just above the knee and the long falls just below the knee. The short shorts are either 5″ (traditional zippered/snap waist) or 7″ (curvy waist).

The regular short is already pretty long (it’s not a short short like the Club Ride Eden), but the LONG provides even more protection. It’s a good choice for using with knee pads for downhill days or for colder fall/spring riding.

club ride deer abby

The Shredly 5″ or 7″ shorter shorts are fantastic for ladies who don’t want to mess up their tan lines, or who simply like a shorter short.

Lots Of Different Prints/Designs

Shredly really made a name for themselves by leaving the boring black bke short behind and creating colorful and fun baggies for women instead. While you’ll see lots of brands following their lead today, Shredly was definitely the first.

They still have one of the largest (and loudest) selection of designs. While I do know a few ladies that choose the more demure Shredly shorts (yes, they do offer a black short too), far more of my friends hoard the Shredly prints like their collector items.

Black might be great for a cocktail dress, but the trail is the one place that it’s okay for women to be loud, silly, and a little crazy–and Shredly reflects that vibe.

Made In The USA

When I’ve reviewed other bike shorts in the past, I’ve always received a few “but they’re not made in the USA” emails in response. If you’re a buy in the US kinda gal, you’ll love Shredly.

Zippered Pocket

.All of the Shredly shorts have two front hand pockets as well as a zippered pocket. The zippered pocket is a newer addition on the Shredly shorts and something we really appreciate. It’s great to have a secure place to stash your phone, credit card, or car key.

Wide Range Of Sizes Fit True To Size

One of my favorite things about Shredly is that they offer their shorts in regular pant sizes. That means if you normally wear a size 8, simply order a size 8 in the Shredly shorts.

I get really stressed looking out most brands S, M, L size charts trying to guess where I might fit and whether or not the shorts run true to size. It’s a lot more work for a company to offer all those sizes rather than 3 or 4, but we greatly appreciate it.

The sizes run from size 0 to size 24 (!!!!) depending on the short. I don’t know any other company that offers that many sizes, and we love that they are so size inclusive.

Don’t Come With A Chamois Liner

The Shredly shorts are sold as baggies without a chamois liner. This means that you’ll need to buy a liner separately (assuming you like a chamois).

I have yet to test out the Shredly chamois (though have heard good things). You can also test out our list of the best women’s mountain bike chamois if you are looking for one.

Our Top Picks

There are tons of Shredly options, so you should have no problem finding the length and waist combo that’s right for you. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are two of our faves.

MTB Curvy Long

by Debra Bonkoski

These shorts offer a flattering variation on the traditional mountain bike short silhouette.  The longer length is convenient for wearing with knee pads on a gnarly downhill day, avoiding scrapes on an overgrown trail, or providing  extra coverage on a chilly ride. 

Prone to chafing? The combination of the length, material and inseam gusset of these shorts helped our size 14 short tester, with a history of painful chafing, avoid discomfort on a hot, afternoon ride.  

Shredly describes their curvy line as accommodating to all shapes, regardless of “whether your shape is boxy, straight, hourglass, pear, or apple.”  The shorts range in size from 0-24 and the stretch in the material make these a no-brainer to reach for when you are feeling your best but also when you feel bloated.  Although a separate chamois is available for purchase, we found these shorts incredibly comfortable on their own.  

After sitting trailside after attacking a steep climb, we were able to easily brush the dirt off the bum of these shorts thanks to the recycled poly/spandex blend. The yoga-style stretch waistband is a game changer and the faux-zipper in the front adds a bit of style.  After a long ride, the shorts hold their shape and are a great choice to wear for a post-ride drink with friends.  

The current lineup offers four solid colors and seven vibrant patterns. 

MTB Curvy 7″

by Kristen Bonkoski

As a “professional bike short tester” my drawers are overflowing with mountain bike shorts. And yet, I found myself grabbing the MTB Curvy 7″ short over and over this spring and summer.

I like the these “short” shorts so much, that I plan to buy a few more pairs. For me, they are the perfect length for trail riding and bikepacking.

They are short enough they don’t screw up my tan line, and they are airy enough I get plenty of airflow on hot days. There’s also nothing about them that screams “bike short” so I felt comfortable wearing them to school pickup or around town on occasion as well.

As with all the Shredly CURVY shorts, the waistband is incredibly comfortable. They are quick and easy to pull on and off for trailside potty breaks, and even on loooong bikepacking trips, the waist never dug in or irritated me.

Finally, they are durable and brush off dirt easily, so I could wear them on multi-day adventures and didn’t worry about sitting on the ground.

Bottom-Line: Fun, Colorful, and Well-Fitting Mountain Bike Shorts

Shredly doesn’t make the trade-off between form and function; they manage to excel in both categories. Their shorts come in the funnest designs and prints out there, and yet offer a wide range of sizes and cuts to fit all body types.

shredly mtb shorts

Other Mountain Bike Short Options

Want more mountain bike short options? Check out our list of the best women’s mountain bike shorts and what you should look for when choosing.

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