Salsa Stormchaser alloy single-speed gravel bike

Salsa Stormchaser, back to single-speed gravel bike basics

The single-speed Salsa Stormchaser is a gravel bike designed for the strong-willed, or maybe just those riders who like to suffer. Why would you want a single-speed gravel bike? When the gravel turns to mud so thick that it gums up your drivetrain…. when the route is so rugged that you feel like you spend more time hike-a-biking than actually riding… when the race has your heartrate maxed out for longer than you can remember, and all you can think about is pushing down on the pedals… the singlespeed means you only have to think about one thing – keep going forward.

Salsa Stormchaser alloy single-speed gravel bike

Salsa Stormchaser alloy single-speed gravel bike, anlged

c. Salsa

Earlier this year Salsa added a lot more modern amenities for their aluminum Stormchaser platform… giving you the option for a 40mm travel suspension fork (what!), a dropper seatpost (really, now?) and gears (gasp!) if you so choose.

Or go back to the basics with an affordable complete aluminum gravel bike with a rigid carbon fork, gobs of mud clearance, and just one gear.

Tech details

Salsa Stormchaser alloy single-speed gravel bike, details

The 6066-T6 alloy Stormchaser is Salsa’s answer to the age-old KISS adage – keep it simple stupid. Designed for wet, sticky, nasty, gritty gravel – the kind that chews up drivetrains and packs your chainstays – the Salsa Stormchaser has clearance for up to 50mm tires in either 700c or 650b and special protection plates on the fork to prevent damage from abrasive mud & gravel. It also gets all the mounts you could want to attach fenders, racks, or several extra cages.

Salsa Stormchaser alloy single-speed gravel bike, dropout detail

And thanks to its adjustable Alternator Flat Mount dropouts you can keep it single-speed for now, and when your knees get too old & tired from all the out-of-the-saddle pedaling, you can always convert it to a geared setup down the (gravel) road. It also gets a 27.2mm seatpost compatible with stealth dropper routing, a MTB-wide 73mm threaded bottom bracket, a tapered headset, and 12mm thru-axles.

2023 Salsa Stormchaser – Pricing & availability

Salsa Stormchaser alloy single-speed gravel bike, complete

2023 Salsa Stormchaser Single-Speed

Salsa builds it up into one $1900 Stormchaser Single-Speed complete bike with wide flared handlebars, RaceFace cranks, and fast Teravail 700 x 42mm tires on WTB i23 TCS rims. Get yours now in one of 7 stock sizes (49-61cm) and new low-key light silver paintjob.

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