oneup dropper v2 27.2mm diameter for gravel 120mm drop shimmable in 10mm increments

OneUp 27.2mm Dropper lands for Gravel & XC plus Drop Bar Remote

OneUp Components are looking to accomodate Gravel and XC riders with a 27.2mm version of their proven V2 Dropper Post. It is available in 90mm and 120mm drop lengths, and can be purchased alone, or with OneUp’s new V3 dropper remote with the new 31.8mm clamp for drop bars.

OneUp 27.2mm Dropper Post and Drop Bar Remote

oneup 27.2mm dropper post on gravel bikes

Until recently, OneUp’s V2 Dropper Seat Post was only available in 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm seat post diameters. Now, the Squamish-based brand are expanding compatibility to Gravel and XC frames with the addition of a 27.2mm diameter version.

The cable-actuated dropper is one of the most compact on the market, claiming to offer the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any post with the same travel, stating that “no other post can get your saddle lower”. I run the 31.6mm 150mm drop V2 on my enduro bike, and can easily recommend it for its smooth action, reliability and serviceability. The 27.2mm announced today features the very same internals, packaged into a smaller space to fit the narrower seat tubes of gravel and XC mountain bikes.

oneup 27.2mm dropper gravel cable operated with remote

The OneUp 27.2mm dropper post is quite competitive on weight, with the 90mm drop version weighing a claimed 377g. The 120mm drop version has a claimed weight of 435g.

Total length of the 90mm and 120mm posts is 340mm and 410mm, respectively. That’s even shorter than the 50mm and 75mm drop Reverb AXS XPLR posts which are wireless, despite the latter’s absence of an actuation assembly at the base of the post. Unlike the rest of the range, the 27.2mm dropper’s drop length is not shimmable to different drop lengths.

oneup dropper remote v3 with 31.8mm clamp for drop bar

While a number of brands offer a drop bar-specific remote that can be actuated from the drops or the hoods (like Enve), OneUp are keeping it simple for now, pairing their latest V3 Remote with a 31.8mm clamp. Thus, it can only be actuated from the tops of a drop bar.

oneup v3 dropper remote

I’ve been running that V3 Remote on my enduro bike for around a month now, and am so far very pleased with the easy feel of the lever, and the grip offered by the thumb pad. That thumb pads is interchangeable, by the way. You can choose from one of seven colors when you place your order. The back of the thumb pad has a little cut-out into which you can slot the cable, which could be useful if you don’t have a cable-end crimp to hand.

Pricing & Availability

Competitive in terms of its dimensions and its weight, the OneUp V2 27.2mm dropper is also fairly reasonably priced at $199.50 USD. It’s not cheap by any means, but comes away looking quite attractive when you compare it with the $633 USD price tag of the Reverb AXS XPLR (granted, that one is wireless). There are more affordable 27.2mm droppers on the market (PNW’s Rainier, for example) but none that offer quite as impressive a drop length-to-overall length ratio as the OneUp V2.

The post is fully serviceable and rebuildable; a rebuild kit including seal, bushes and pins will set you back $17.50 USD while the cartridge can be replaced (by the user) for $69.50 USD.

oneup v3 dropper remote all color pads

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