Chapter2 MANA-GRVL carbon bar flares light one-piece design

Chapter2 MANA-GRVL carbon bar flares light one-piece design

Chapter2 has announced a new one-piece carbon handlebar aimed squarely at gravel and adventure racing. The MANA-GRVL features a conservative 12° flare at the drops, and is available in six different size options varying both effective stem length and width.

Chapter2 MANA-GRVL

mana grvl chapter2 gravel handlebar one piece integrated bar stem combo

Chapter2 have long been proponents of the one-piece drop-bar design, quoting the improved aerodynamic properties of a seamless integrated bar and stem combo. They offer various one-piece carbon options for road, but this is their first offering to the gravel contingent. 

The tops have a 31.8mm diameter allowing for the attachment of clip-on TT Bars and other accessories

chapter2 mana grvl handlebar details

The Chapter2 MANA-GRVL is made 100% from Toray Carbon and tested to the EN ISO 4210:2014 safety standard

For improved comfort and bike handling over rougher terrain, the MANA-GRVL is much wider than the MANA2 UD and MANA Tongariro road bars, the narrowest starting at 469mm. The sizing options are as follows:

  • 80mm x 469mm
  • 90mm x 480mm
  • 100mm x 491mm
  • 110mm x 502mm
  • 120mm x 513mm
  • 130mm x 524mm

chapter2 12 degree flare carbon bar mana grvl off road riding

The MANA-GRVL was designed with the AO in mind; Chapter2’s Gravel/Adventure frameset. It isn’t specific to Chapter2 frames, though; it can work with any frame with a 1-1/8” fork steerer such as the RERE, TERE, and HURU where the cables and hoses enter from the underside of the bar.

chapter2 mana grvl handlebar snowy riding conditions

MANA means “power” in Mauri

Across all six sizes, the bar has a 110mm drop with the stem rising up 7° from neutral. Claimed weight for the 100mm x 491mm option is 330g (+/- 3%).

Pricing & Availability

All sizes of the Chapter2 MANA-GRVL one-piece gravel handlebar retail at $499 USD and are available now direct from Chapter2.

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